Who We Are


About dbDefend Corporation

dbDefend is a venture capital startup firm.

There are 3 products currently offered: dbAudit. dbMonitor, and dbStripe. See our Products page for detailed information on each product.

The goal of the company is to make a major impact in database protection, with a dual focus:
    1. reduce the risk of unauthorized data changes
    2. reduce breakins and unauthorized data disclosure

The founders of dbDefend have a proven track record at large institutions in the USA and Europe, including Wells Fargo Bank, Commerzbank, NASA, and other government agencies. Their experience covers all the major databases, including SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, and Informix.

DBDefend has office locations as follows:
    > San Francisco Bay Area, serving the USA
    > Frankfurt, Germany, serving continental Europe

For Contact information, see our Contact page

Our Standards

DBDefend is designed to be ubiquitous, so that users can store data in whatever Database they desire, and even upgrade database versions with complete impunity.

Why Choose Us


Extensive Database Experience

The dbDefend principals each have over 15 years' experience as database experts.


Quality Product

Our products are engineered with high quality, and can expand to very high load levels, as well as Big Data sizes.


Easy Installation

dbDefend products are designed for quick, easy installation.



dbDefend support is not outsourced, and our staff are highly experienced.